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Jewelry is among the most difficult items to photograph.  In this series Wayne Emery takes the mystery out of how to shoot great photos of your jewelry and gemstones. 

He will show you how to take close-up pictures of your jewelry, eliminate glare, bring out the details of the piece, and show off your jewelry in the best possible manner.  From camera and lens selection to making your own light box Great Images will show you everything you need to know. 

From Basic Techniques to Advanced Applications - From Centuries Old Procedures to the Latest in Technological Advancements, each episode provides accurate informative instruction from Professional Bench Jewelers.  It’s all here for you to view when you want, as often as you want.
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Jewelry Photography ~ Great Images Show
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Pilot - Camera and Lenses
Episode 1 - Making a Light Box
Episode 2 - Tripods and Sandbags
Episode 3 - Setting Your Exposure
Episode 4 - Taking the Picture
Episode 5 - Adjusting the Lighting
Episode 6 - Photographing Rings
Episode 7 - Light Tents

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Jewelry Photography