Laser Welding

Learn from one of the jewelry laser welding pioneers how to use a Laser Welder to fabricate and assemble jewelry, retip or set stones.  You’ll learn how you can use the new technology of Laser Welding to make creating jewelry easier and more profitable.  Lasers are fast becoming an essential piece of equipment in the jewelry shop, and this television series will show you why.

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Laser Welding Fabrication
(Jewelry Fabrication with a Laser)
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Pilot - Diamond Earrings
Episode 1 - Pearl Ring
Episode 2 - Druzy Earrings
Episode 3-Opal Pendant Remount
Episode 4 - Diamond Pendant

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Laser Welding Setting
(Setting Gemstones with a Laser)
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Pilot - Prong Tips
Episode 1 - Blue Star Sapphire
Episode 2 - Princess in V-Tips
Episode 3 - Round Bezel

Laser Welding Retipping
(Retipping Prongs, Channels and Bezels)
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Pilot - Rebuilding a Bezel
Episode 1 - Rebuild Channel
Episode 2 - Rebuild Platinum Prong
Episode 3 - Rebuild Channel on Amethyst
Episode 4 - Replacing a Prong