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In this show series you will learn tips, tricks, and techniques on jewelry repair, fabrication, and stone setting from Brad Simon and other Master Jewelers.  How to make repairs easier, tricks to working on platinum, simple tool alterations to speed up your work, , tricks to setting color stones, plus much more will be covered.

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Favorite Tips
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Pilot - Making A Square
Episode 1 - Ring Stretcher Sleeve
Episode 2 - Wax Ring
Episode 3- V-Tip Pliers
Episode 4 - Sizing Stone Set Rings
Episode 5 - Cleaning Colored Stone Jewelry
Episode 6 - Squaring a Stone
Episode 7 - Stone Spacing
Episode 8 - Flat Chains
Episode 9 - Magnetic Bur Holder
Episode 10 - Fish Net
Episode 11- Bracelet Hinge Spring
Episode 12 - Sharpening Burs
Episode 13 - Sizing a Rings
Episode 14 - Cleaning Colored Stones
Episode 15- Ultrasonic Bag
Episode 16 - Files-Gerry Lewy
Episode 17 - Applying a Coarse Finish
Episode 18 - Locking Pliers-Steve Satow
Episode 19 - Turntable-Steve Satow




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Customize Your Tools
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Pilot - Insulated Short Tweezers
Episode 1 - Insulated Ring Tweezers
Episode 2 - Channel Set Tweezers
Episode 3- Curved Tip Melee Tweezers
Episode 4 - Bezel Pulling Pliers
Episode 5 - Earring Set Pliers
Episode 6 - Polished Shank Benders
Episode 7 - Knife Edge Rotary Burnisher
Episode 8 - Stainless Rotary Burnisher
Episode 9 - Third Hand
Episode 10 - Diamond Dressing Wheel
Episode 11- Adjustable Grinding Wheel
Episode 12- Modified Cone Burs
Episode 13 - Jump Ring Closing Pliers
Episode 14- Pre-Bending V-Prong Pliers
Episode 15- Indexed Jump Ring Pliers

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Pilot - Nail Tools